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About Us

About Us

Formed in 1991, the Leather Repair Company has gone from strength to strength. Started off by a chap named Richard who first took a liking to Leather Care & Repair at the young age of 14 across the pond in the USA. Based in the North East of England. Providing leather repair & restoration services in many sectors including; leather furniture, leather car interior, leather clothing, luggage & handbags and any other leather items you can think of.. (yes, and those types!).

Established over 30 years ago, we've built an unrivalled understanding of the business today. We constantly exceed our customers expectations on every level, reliably, delivering a broad range of leather care and repair services for automotive, clothing, footwear, aviation, boats and yacht interiors. From private owners and corporate clients to manufacturers around the globe. Delivering services and care products to almost every country in the world.

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