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    Aniline Protector Spray

    Protection for your Aniline Leather items. The aniline protector is designed for........ Boots Shoes Jackets Handbags Clothing Purses Furniture Aniline leather is one of the finest leathers around today. Keeping...

    Dye Stopper

    A brand new product that will help stop dye transfer onto leather from Jeans, newspaper, inks. Dye Stopper works on all types of leather including suede, nubuck, Alcantara.The leather dye stopper...

    Leather Detailer Spray

    The Leather detailer Spray gives your leather that luxurious feel and that amazing aroma of leather once again Built In Aromas Luxurious Feel Deep Cleans Helps Stop Stains Brightens Leather...

    Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream

    Advanced Barriers Of Protection With The Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream. The barriers will help stop dirt and grime building up on your leather, dirt and grime will only speed...

    Leather Stain Protection Spray

    Our protector spray is essential for keeping your leather safe. Not only is it an easy to apply product that helps prevent all kinds of stains on leather. This can...

    Samples 100ml

    Not sure what you need? Or are you a company looking to stock our products? Order your test samples here. All test samples are 100 ml.  Air Freshner Dashboard Cleaner...

    Suede Protector

    Protection for your Suede from the Leather repair Company with our Suede Protector The protection for Car Interiors Boots Shoes Jackets Handbags Clothing Purses Furniture The Leather repair Company Suede...

    Wood Reviver

    A natural yet powerful wood restorer. Based on a recipe that dates back some 100 years in the form of a French polish. We've updated, tweaked and perfected through modern...

    Wood Wax

    Restorers Wood Wax does a fantastic job of protecting your wooden items. Helps prevent wood from absorbing moisture. Used as a finish on wood to enhance the natural colours.
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