Aniline Care Kit

Description Taking care of your aniline leather with the all in one aniline care kit. Keeps leather clean Built in leather aromas Intelligent protection Stops stains Stops dirt build up...

Taking care of your aniline leather with the all in one aniline care kit.

  • Keeps leather clean
  • Built in leather aromas
  • Intelligent protection
  • Stops stains
  • Stops dirt build up
  • Allows the leather to breathe

Aniline leather is best cleaned and protected as often as you can to keep it looking and feeling beautiful, soft and supple. We have developed cutting edge technology products that not only clean your aniline leather, but keep it protected with the worlds on intelligent protection system, protecting leather better, helping to keep it looking better longer. The aniline care kit has everything you need in one handy package, 250ml of aniline leather cleaner, 250ml of leather protector providing intelligent protection, terry towel, soft cleaning sponge and detailed instructions and how to guides.

The final stages with the aniline leather once you have given it a deep clean to remove all dirt and grime is to apply some leather protector cream, with aniline leather being open to the elements and being able to breathe, its best to apply three coatings of cream, allowing this to dry between each coating. The protection cream will infuse that leather aroma again into your beautiful furniture. The protection cream will provide a barrier of protection on your aniline like an armor coating with its amazing intelligent protection system keeping your leather feeling luxurious, soft and supple.

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Apply the aniline leather cleaner onto a soft sponge and clean in a circular motion lifting all dirt away as you go, as you clean each section use a soft clean cloth to gently go over the surface to remove all dirt correctly.

Because aniline is unprotected this means all the dirt and grime absorbs into the leather rather than being settled on the surface like a pigment coated leather.

Do not rub your aniline leather too hard, the aniline leather cleaner will help provide your aniline leather with a silky soft luxurious feel again.

With aniline leather and other type of leathers that are absorbent they soak up liquids and body oils very quickly, so its best to protect them from new.

The best advice we can provide with aniline leather is to clean with a tampico brush this allows you to get into the grain structure of the aniline leather providing a better cleaning action as the surface is not sealed in any way.

The aniline leather will go darker as you clean this is natural as the aniline is soaking up the cleaner, let this dry naturally then clean a second time.

You may find with aniline leather that it requires two or three cleans to get the perfect result.

Allow the aniline leather to naturally dry.

Aniline Care

Aniline leather is the most natural leather around with beautiful characteristics still remaining visible. Aniline leather has no additional pigments to protect it, and has no protection on the surface, so its open to the elements of daily use.

Its a beautiful feeling leather like a silky feel to it and requires a great deal of care, dusting regularly. Using the mousse cleaning often will help keep your leather clean and looking new.
Hoover the aniline leather weekly using a soft head brush to remove as much dust as possible, as the dust will if left in time penetrate into the leather causing dirt build up and staining.

Do not rub your aniline leather if you spill something, gently dab the leather with a damp cloth, not too wet, allow to dry naturally.
Clean regularly to help keep your aniline leather looking new.
Apply a protection cream, with aniline leather its advised you apply several coats of protection cream as the first coat will be partly absorbed by the leather.

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