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    Brucle Leather Cleaning Brush

    Leather Cleaning Brush - The Brucle

    Take a look at our brand new Brucle Leather Cleaning Brush! This supersedes the amazing qualities of our previous Tampico brush. The Brucle, creates great foaming to help aid the...

    Horse Hair Brush

    This is a natural brush made from horse hair, stiff enough to clean deep down in the leather grain. Its the perfect tool to work around stitching or those hard...

    HVLP Airbrush Spray Gun

    HVLP Airbrush Spray Gun for finishing leather with colourants or lacquers. Professional Quality, superior finish performance, built for ergonomic comfort, Excellent Atomization High Quality Stainless Steel Nozzle and Needle Fully...
    24 large sponges

    White Sponges

    White Sponges - For the application of colourants and clear coat sealers white sponges are used for the application of clear coat sealers and leather colourants. They can be used...
    Red Application Pad

    Red Application Pad

    Use our special sponge applicator pad to apply leather protection cream, softening cream, and leather colouring enhancer creams. Available in: Single Pad Packs of 3 Packs of 6 Packs of 12...

    Spatula (for use with Filler & Glues)

    Our spatula is perfectly designed to be used with our Fillers & specialist glue made only for leather.A very simple, but much needed accessory for completing those perfect leather repair...

    Colour Fan Deck

    Match your colours up with this excellent colour fan card. With over 2000 colours, you can get be sure to find a close one to get help you get your...

    Mouth Atomiser

    The Mouth Atomiser is perfect for working in tight areas or small jobs. e.g: A colour loss job on a small area of a car seat. Very easy and simple...

    Leather Repair Company Hat

    Get your hands on an authentic Leather Repair Company hat.Sure, spring is only a couple of months away now. But don't let that stop you.. we're in England! Keep both...
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