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Leather Repair Company 2019

It's a new year. A new and improved us. 

We're constantly looking at ways to streamline things for our customers. Whether these are new product innovations like our brand new wood wax or offering online training course, or even a new website. This is what we do.

We've made some pretty big changes to how trade accounts work for the leather repair company. Everything now is a lot easier to navigate, easier to find, easier to order, including tracking and order history. 

Unfortunately, they are some cons to having a new system. Not everything can be moved over.

If you were a previous trade customer, you've probably saved your invoices which were sent by email, if not - before the old site is closed down. I would suggest you download any copies you may need. 

Customer accounts are manually created now. You will not be able to buy anything from this site until you are given the correct access. 

If you do have any questions, please get in touch via our contact us page.

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