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December 4, 2015
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December 4, 2015
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Leather Softening Crème (500ml)

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Renovates the softness in dried out, brittle, hard, stiff worn leather, Revive the leather making it soft and supple once again

  • Softens Dried Out Leather
  • Enriches Colour
  • Revives Leather
  • Natural Oils
  • Brings Leather Back To Life
  • Works Perfectly On Classic Cars

The Leather Softening Crème works by penetrating the leather to soak into every single fibre of the leather creating a soft supple leather again.

If you’re restoring old leather that has cracked what normally happens is the surface colourant cracks with it and this has to be removed to restore your leather item back to new.

If the leather has cracked and so has the colourant on the surface the Leather Softening Crème can be used without removing the coloured surface to enable you to soften old dried out brittle worn leathers.

The Leather Softening Crème is designed to be used on old dried out leather, suitable for car seats, sofas, shoes, luggage and garments.

It will also bring back some of the colour with its natural oils and preservative.

Where leather has become hard, brittle and dried out of all its natural oils and nutrition use the Leather Softening Crème to bring life back into the leather giving it that soft supple beautiful feel again.

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