Leather Protection Cream
Leather Protection Cream
December 4, 2015
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Leather Repair Kit

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Product Description

Running along side our car interior leather repair kits. We have leather sofa repair kits.

You mix the colours your self to make that perfect match following the detailed instructions. Don’t worry if your not confident matching your leather colour. You can send a sample into us and we’ll create the exact colour so you can repair your leather interior with ease. Our leather sofa repair kit will repair, restore and bring back to life your leather sofa. Any faded areas where you’ve sat down too much or your leather sofa has caught other types of fading such as sun fading can be easily restored.

Scuffs on your leather sofa that need repairing while you’ve been rearranging your living room and caught the door frame are a simple repair.

The leather sofa repair kit also removes stains and spills. Whether this is nail polish where your wife has put her feet up on the sofa, fizzy drinks from the kids or dad spiling his tea all over the place. These can be easily touched up using the contents provided in the repair kit. Our DIY-Leather repair kits come in various sizes. Not only do we have them for leather sofa repairs. We have leather repair kits for cars, clothing and luggage. If you have any leather items, chances are – we have a leather repair kit for you!

Check out our customer reviews. – How to use

Works well on Leather Handbags, Sofa’s, Jackets, Car Seats and much more

The colour repair kit has been designed as a DIY repair kit where you mix severals shade of colour to match the colour of your leather. Indoing this you can then repair all types of damage to leather where the colour is a problem.

Scuffs & Scratches: Simple to repair with either a sponge or tooth pick. Just dab the colour onto the area and watch the damage disappear! Faded & Worn: Using a sponge work the colour into the leather to blend it back in with the ‘sound’ leather. For large areas you are best using a Large Leather Colourant Kit

Stains & Spills: Nail varnish remover and other strong solvents sometimes remove colour from leather, easily touch it up with a sponge or cover nasty hard to remove stains.

If you are not confident that you can match the colour of your leather, send us a sample of it and we’ll match it for you. Send the sample of leather to us, address below. If you are not sure where to get a sample of leather from, please e/mail us

Kit Contents:

  • 250ml Base
  • 50ml tints x 3 sometimes more
  • 50ml matting agent
  • 50ml leather prep
  • 50ml matt finish
  • 50ml gloss finish
  • 1 x mixing pot
  • sponges, cotton buds
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