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Leather Re-Colouring Balm (250ml)

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Leather re-colouring balm can be used on car interiors, furniture, clothing, shoes and luggage to help restore the colour and inject some life in old worn faded leathers.

The leather re-colouring balm rejuvenates the colour of old and new leather, its not designed to fully restore your colour just enhance it and give it some life back rejuvenating it in the process.

Once the leather re-colouring balm has been applied you have to protect this with a leather protection cream to seal this in

The leather re-colouring balm is perfect for classic car seats where you want to retain the characters of the old seat but yet put some life back in to the leather, with the leather re-colouring balm they will also soften old worn dry classic cars seats due to its softening ingredients.

The leather re-colouring balm absorbs into the leather so it wont rub off onto clothing once its protected over with the leather protection cream.

The leather re-colouring balm is perfect for scuffed areas and cat scratches reviving the colour as it works into the leather .

When it comes to leather jackets the colouring balm works very well, clean them down first allow to dry naturally then coat with the balm allow the balm to sit for around 30 minutes then buff up and proceed to apply some leather protection cream to seal in the colour.

The balm works great on shoes to put some colour back into them and then seal with the protection cream to lock in the fresh new colour.

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