Heavy Leather Filler
Heavy Leather Filler
January 5, 2016
Leather Colourant Dye (med to large)
Leather Colourant Dye (med to large)
January 5, 2016
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Leather Fibre Binder

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Product Description

Fibre Binder Liquid Repair Compound

  • New Improved Formula
  • Even better Binding Action
  • Stronger Than Before
  • Guaranteed Action
  • Fibre Binder Repairs All Lose Fibre

The Fibre Binder is a watery filler. It is designed to soak deep into the fibres of the leather. It dries like a coating and will bind the structure of the leather; making for a stronger base to carry out your repairs.

The Fibre Binder is best used on severely cracked leather where the structure of the leather has degraded so much that there is a chance that any stress on the leather may cause the fibrous structure to pull apart.

You then go over the Fibre Binder with Flexi Filler. To use Fibre Binder, simply apply with a sponge to the affected areas making sure you completely soak the fibres with the binder and allow to dry. Its best to use the Flexi Filler next in this process.

Where leather has degraded so much that you have fibres sticking out of the leather back to a suede effect again, this is where you use Fibre Binder, it’s purpose is to bind all the fibres back to a suitable surface to allow them to be string again for recolouring.

The flexi filler is a thick paste designed to be used in the same way as the Heavy Filler. It is slightly more fluid than the Heavy Filler but is much more flexible when dry. It is particularly good on severely cracked leather when used with the Leather Binder.

The Flexi filler will work best if you apply very thin coats to the cracked areas and build up the coats waiting for drying between coats.

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