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December 4, 2015
Aniline Care Kit
Aniline Care Kit
December 4, 2015
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(LRC7) Aniline Leather Cleaner

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Aniline leather is the most natural leather around with beautiful characteristics still remaining visible. Aniline leather has no additional pigments to protect it, and has no protection on the surface, so its open to the elements of daily use.

Clean your aniline leather as often as you can to avoid dirt getting into the grain structure.

  • Perfect For Aniline Leathers
  • Strong But Effective Aniline Leather Cleaner
  • Rehydrates Leathers
  • Cleans Deeper
  • Works Great On Handbags
  • Guaranteed Cleaning Action
  • Ideal For Leather Clothing
  • Cleans Car Interiors

The Aniline Leather cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning leather and is simple and easy to use.

Designed by leading leather technicians a professional grade item used by professional cleaning technicians in the leather industry.

The aniline leather cleaner can handle the toughest of stains and grime on your aniline to produce a nice clean fresh surface once again.

Can be used on several different types of leathers

  • Anilines
  • Pigmented
  • Bonded
  • Two Tone
  • Semi Aniline
  • Antique Two Tone Leathers

Perfect for use on Handbags and Leather Clothing.

The Aniline Leather Cleaner being a water based product is safe to use and adds moisture to keep all leathers soft and supple, helps stop leathers from breaking down quicker.

Because aniline is unprotected this means all the dirt and grime absorbs into the leather rather than being settled on the surface like a pigment coated leather.

Do not use on Suede or Nubuck Leathers, always test in a small hidden area first.

Before you start to use any products on aniline leather its best to carry out a small quick test to see if you do actually have aniline leather, to do this place a small drop of water into a hidden area, see pictures below, then allow this to sit on the surface if this soaks into the leather then you will have aniline leather, if this just sits on the surface then you will have a pigmented coated leather.

Aniline leather identification process

Aniline leather identification

Aniline leather identification step two place a drop of water onto the leather surface to see if it soaks in

Aniline leather identification step 2

Cleaning Aniline leather always spray onto a sponge and not directly onto the leather

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