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January 5, 2016
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Aniline Dye

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Revive your aniline leather and restore the faded colour with the aniline dyes

Restore the worn, faded and scratched surface of your beautiful aniline leather with these powerful aniline dyes.

These aniline dyes are specifically made to be water based so are safe and friendly to use, producing stunning results every time.

The aniline dyes are best sprayed on to the aniline leather to gain the best results and a nice even coverage.

These aniline dyes permanently restore the faded, dull colour back to original specifications enhancing your aniline leather and making it last even longer than before.

With these aniline dyes its best to apply a sealer coat over the top of them still retaining your aniline leather look and feel and characteristics  due to the powerful covering properties.

These dyes penetrate the leather as aniline is not a sealed leather, whilst still keeping your luxurious silky soft feel and touch.

Once restored the aniline leather will be protected in the future against stains, dirt and grime build up.

If you require a bigger size, give us a call on: 01482 606864

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